ALM has the latest generation of state‐of‐the‐art facilities,
with several independent and fully automated production lines that cover the entire production process:

Extrusion of discs
in cylinders
Trimming and polishing
of pieces
Integral washing
of pieces
Interior varnishing
and high temperature drying
Outdoor decoration
personalized with printing
offset or digital
Standard or special shapes
of the can in each manufacturing line
Quality control (leaks and pressure)
of 100% of the production

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Quality / R&D

We have a technical office and a team of professionals
who will develop and manage the entire project from design through manufacture:

Industrial design and graphics
Development of prototypes
Tests and controls with maximum precision
Stability tests

Unitary Leakage Control

All packaging produced by Alm
Under an exhaustive quality control and leak control.

Using automatic controls with the most advanced technology on the market,
ensuring the highest quality in each of their packaging.


Alm firmly believes
in the importance of taking care of our planet;

therefore, all of our industrial facilities and processes have been designed
to produce the least impact on the environment.

Alm packaging, uses advanced thermal oxidation systems for the elimination of VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds).